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15 products in this product line
ALLWIN Glass Spigot Wind screen post is produced by Duplex 2205 stainless steel for use in the most harsh outdoor environments.
ALLWIN Glass Spigot is designed to use with frameless glass panels to create a highly versatile style of balustrade. 
ALLWIN Glass Spigot is ideal for commercial or residential use.
we offer different design of the glass spigot and wind screen post for user requirement.
Floor Mounted glass spigot, core drill glass spigot, deck mounted glass spigot, ledge mounted glass spigot.
Glass alignment can be easily achieved by shimming the base of the spigot.
our Glass spigot is no glass drilling requirement design.
ALLWIN offer several design of glass spigot for 10mm to 21.52mm thick glass.
I believe you will like our quality and service.